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Kujira no Hara is an action-adventure-puzzle videogame inspired by Zelda and Jak&Daxter.

logo baleine Synopsis:

Kujira no Hara tells the story of a child who gets swallowed by a giant whale. Inside its belly, he discovers an absurd and marvelous world inhabited by zany characters.

logo baleine Technical Specifications:

The game is compatible with Windows XP, vista/7, 8, 10 and 11.
It is originally in french. Only the first chapter has been translated in english for now.
The approximate playing time for someone who discovers the game is 10 hours. Three quarters of the game have been already made.

logo baleine Policy:

The graphics are made for the occasion (they are not taken from other games nor common libraries) as well as the soundtrack. It takes time but it gives the game an original and personnal aspect.
The game is free. I do it on my free time. I added a PayPal button, but that's just for my friends to repay me when I lend them money.

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